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Who we are

The Le Chioccioli® Company

Le Chioccioline Cosmetics was born in 2015 in beautiful Tuscany. Initially producers of snail slime with our "La spa delle lumachine" breeding farm and then we chose to market cosmetics based on this extraordinary raw material that nature offers us. Our products are synonymous with excellence thanks to the high quality of the raw material coming from certified organic and cruelty free farms and the high concentration of snail slime in our cosmetic products.

Our mission

Our Mission is to become a leader in the professional cosmetics market with our snail slime-based products respecting the natural physiology of the skin thanks to the use of excellent quality raw materials. Without the use of petrolatum, silicones, nickel and parabens .
The attention to excellence in the quality of our organic and cruelty free products is combined with full respect for the environment and the life of the snails used for the production of the raw material, all with maximum transparency and responsibility.

Our Brand

For us the Brand is not a simple logo. The Brand is a promise we make to our customers but also to ourselves. It represents the renewed commitment every day to achieve our goals. Behind our Brand there is the passion and competence that we put into keeping this promise.

Our work

Quality comes from the passion for one's work and inspires the life choices of every company that wants to grow. Our products bring together the corporate principles, the value of the people who collaborate with us, and the personal value given by that ethical, professional and enthusiastic vision that has always distinguished our company.

Our Vision

What we want is for everyone to feel confident in themselves and free to engage with the world and with people. Feeling good about yourself means feeling good about others and transmitting positive energy and harmony. Our products help achieve this state of well-being. Special attention is paid to the environment to leave a better place for future generations.

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