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Controlled supply chain

The entire production chain, from breeding to the finished product, follows rigorous controls on the organic feeding of the snails, on the cruelty free extraction method, on the use of natural raw materials up to 99%.

Burr extraction

 The snail slime contained in our formulations is the result of a revolutionary, innovative and patented extraction process without harm to animals.

The result is a raw material of excellent quality and superior to that offered by the market to date. In fact, most companies producing cosmetics with snail slime use very invasive extraction methods, based on irritating substances (salt, vinegar) or centrifuges which lead to the necessary death of the animal. Even the slime itself, extracted with cruel methods, has organoleptic qualities deteriorated by the extraction mechanism, and loses all the beneficial properties that characterize it. 

Our snail slime, on the contrary, is extracted following a process that is beneficial and pleasant for the animal, in a humid environment with the addition of ozone and plant phytoextracts. The use of ozone sanitizes the slime and reduces its bacterial load, guaranteeing a final product with high shelf life, with minimal use of preservatives in the cosmetic formula. 

Laboratory tests have also shown that the percentage of mucopolysaccharides and proteins contained in the slime extracted with our process are higher, therefore guaranteeing a more performing final product as an anti-inflammatory, soothing and restructuring of the cells. 

A pure snail secretion, just as Mother Nature created it.

The three phases of the extraction process

Awakening and sanitization

The snails are gently sprayed with a solution of osmotic water vapor and ozone. The humid environment favors the awakening of the animal and the ozone reduces its natural bacterial load.


Nebulization with a solution of natural phytoextracts naturally stimulates snails to drool. The stress is physiological and non-invasive. The “Chioccioline Spa” guarantees the collection of a qualitatively superior and stable slime, with a low percentage of pathogens and molds.

Reintegration into the farm

At the end of the extraction procedure, the snail is not stressed or dehydrated but fully viable and can be reinserted into outdoor enclosures and resume its normal existential cycle.

Open Enclosures

Our snails live in open enclosures, free to move away if they wish and are fed with organic vegetables, without the use of pesticides, fertilizers or substances harmful to health.


Research and innovation are our goals. The extraction process we use allows us to obtain an "innovative" microfiltered slime because it is qualitatively superior to those on the market so far.


The quality that distinguishes our products is the result of the rigorous protocols followed starting from the breeding of the snails, to their harvesting and finally to the extraction method. All done with passion and love for this job.


The skills acquired over the years have allowed our laboratories to constantly search for innovative formulas with increasingly high-performance natural raw materials, attentive to women's skin and strictly organic.

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