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Acne and skin blemishes

Loss of skin elasticity


Stretch marks

Chapping of the skin


  • 22,00 

    Pure Snail Slime 100% – 30 ml

  • 18,00 

    Eye Contour – draining swollen eyes – 30 ml

  • 22,00 

    Strong Anti-Cellulite Cream – 200ml

  • 22,00 

    Body Cream – Stretch Marks – Scars – 200 ml

  • 13,00 

    Hand and Foot Cream – 100ml

  • 25,00 

    Repairing Face Cream 80% Snail Slime – 50ml

  • 32,00 

    Snail Care “Acne Stop” Kit: Pure Slime + Cleansing Mousse

  • 22,00 

    Snail Care “Double Cleansing” Kit: Make-up Removing Balm + Facial Cleansing Mousse

  • 45,00 

    Snail Care Anti-Cellulite Kit: Anti-Cellulite Cream + Pure Slime + Cleansing Bar

  • 54,00 

    Snail Care Anti-Wrinkle Kit: Face Cream + Face Serum + Cleansing Bar

  • 45,00 

    Snail Care Stretch Mark Kit: Body Cream + Pure Slime + Cleansing Bar

  • 13,00 

    Cleansing mousse – 120 ml

  • 6,00 

    Cleansing soap for face and body - Sicilian citrus fragrance

  • 29,00 

    Gel Facial Serum 98% Snail Slime and Hyaluronic Acid – 30 ml

The Chioccioline SPA
Cosmetics based on snail slime

Our advice for your SkinCare


Research and innovation are our goals. The extraction process we use allows us to obtain an "innovative" microfiltered slime because it is qualitatively superior to those on the market so far.


The quality that distinguishes our products is the result of the rigorous protocols followed starting from the breeding of the snails, to their harvesting and finally to the extraction method. All done with passion and love for this job.


The skills acquired over the years have allowed our laboratories to constantly search for innovative formulas with increasingly high-performance natural raw materials, attentive to women's skin and strictly organic.


organic cosmetic it is a product obtained from ecological agriculture, which preserves the environment and biodiversity. Organic cosmetics represent the right one choice for the care of our body, because they contain natural, biological substances at 100%. Organic cosmetics, therefore produced with natural ingredients. Their effectiveness depends first and foremost on their composition and the substances present.

Beauty Tuscany

Cosmetics are part of the history of Tuscany. The manuscript "Experimenti de la Exellentissima Signora Caterina da Furlj matre de lo Illuxtrissimo Signor Giovanni de Medici" is perhaps the most complete recipe book known so far on medicine and cosmetics of the 15th century. With its 66 recipes on cosmetics tell about the cosmetics of the 1400s. We humbly try to follow the trail of this great example.

Beyond the skin…

After a few years from our debut in this wonderful world that is cosmetics, we can say that we are very satisfied. Our products find the positive favor of many customers who purchase our snail slime-based creams under the Le Chioccioline brand. But not they could have stopped us here...we are enriching our catalog with new products...keep following us..

Cruelty Free

Cruelty free means that the cosmetic was created without testing any of its ingredients on animals. For us at Le Chioccioline Cosmetics it also means no mistreatment and no trauma for our snails both in farming and in the extraction phase of their slime. the farms from which the snail slime comes are all strictly certified organic and cruelty free.

Passion and care

The quality of our cosmetics comes from the passion and love we put into our work every day and which inspires our personal and professional choices. Our products bring together the corporate principles, the value of the people who collaborate with us, and the personal value given by that ethical, professional and enthusiastic vision that has always distinguished our company.

Made in Italy

We are a small Italian company immersed in beautiful Tuscany. Excellence and continuous improvement are part of our DNA. Our snail slime-based cosmetics are made with raw materials coming from certified organic and cruelty free Italian farms. We firmly believe in Made in Italy, which has always been synonymous and a guarantee of the quality and safety of our products.


The benefits of snail slime

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