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L'acne it is an inflammation of the skin generated by excess sebum inside the hair follicles. When sebum is produced to a greater extent than normal, dead cells and bacteria remain trapped in the pores of the skin, creating the ideal conditions for the onset of pimples. The type of skin, more or less oily, can encourage its development. Acne can be triggered by hormonal factors which emerge especially in adolescence due to normal growth factors. It may happen that at the basis of an acne phenomenon there is a particular intolerance or allergy, not previously known. Medicines can also give rise to acne phenomena, which can be more or less persistent. The psychological discomfort to which many people are often induced or the rhythms and lifestyles that are too tiring can be the origin of stress and cause the onset of acne.

Psychological aspects of acne

Acne is a problem that affects thousands of people aged people adolescent and beyond. There are those who carry the problem even as adults and those who find themselves having to deal with their scars after years. Signs which, in addition to scarring the face, also have a harsh impact on the psyche of those who have to live with them and with many difficulties. Scientific studies show that the group most affected is that of children between 12 and 18 years old. In the female world in particular, the hormonal factor has an impact due to the menstrual cycle. It is well understood that in a delicate period of life such as adolescence, where boys begin their approach to life, acne certainly constitutes an obstacle not recently.

Remedies for acne

There snail slime it is undoubtedly the best solution, from a natural point of view, to solve the problem of acne. Healing times depend from subject to subject and from skin to skin. Snail slime – Ancient natural remedy – Snail slime has been recognized since ancient times as a precious substance in regenerating the skin and healing wounds, abrasions and inflammation.

A bit of history…

Recently, the cosmetic properties of snail slime were discovered by chance: in the 1980s in Chile the Bascunan family bred snails, of the Helix Aspersa Muller species, intended for the French gastronomic market. The operators of these farms noticed that their hands were surprisingly smooth and soft, never showed signs of dryness or aging, and any small wounds that might be present healed quickly, without being subject to infection or scarring. It was therefore decided to delve deeper into the topic, trying to understand the reasons for this interesting phenomenon and studying the metabolism of snails.

Our Le Chioccioline® Repair Cream

There Le Chioccioline® Repairing Face Cream it is an emulsion, that is, a fusion of fatty substance with liquid substance, in our case water. The face cream has the specific function of providing nourishment and hydration to the facial skin and protecting it from the harmful action of atmospheric agents (sun, cold, wind) or other stressful factors such as smoke, smog. The integration with specific active ingredients gives the cream further properties: anti-wrinkle, anti-stain, elasticity, antioxidant, etc. Snail slime is the ingredient contained in our cream in high percentage (well 80%).Among the precious ingredients and their wonderful properties you will find Shea butter, Oak extract, Laminaria algae, Moringa extract and Ozonized Argan oil.

Our Le Chioccioline® Face Serum

For the realization of Le Chioccioline® Face Serum we use an innovative technique which consists in the Dynamization of the slime. This is a particular procedure which consists in the crushing of the molecules that make up the active ingredient into micro-molecules of extremely small dimensions, in order to facilitate the penetration of the product into the deeper layers of the dermis and maximize the effectiveness of the serum. Snail slime is the ingredient contained in our cream in high percentage (well 98%).Among the precious ingredients and their wonderful properties you will find Aloe Vera and Hyaluronic Acid.

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