The Chioccioline SPA

A cloud of steam of osmotized water and ozone, the addition of phytoextracts of plant origin, and the magic begins... Thanks to this exclusive method of extracting snail slime, which induces the animal to drool physiologically and not invasive, it is possible to obtain a product of high chemical and organoleptic quality, which maintains very high percentages of mucopolysaccharides and proteins, thus guaranteeing greater anti-inflammatory, hydrating and repairing efficacy of the skin.


The presence of ozone guarantees sanitization of the snails and a reduction of their natural bacterial load.


The snails, stimulated by the cloud of steam, awaken naturally and are encouraged to perform non-invasive drooling. The snail slime obtained with this method is qualitatively superior to that extracted with normal commercial methods (salt, vinegar, centrifuges) because it is not obtained with cruel methods. Furthermore, thanks to the use of ozone in the preparatory phase, the collected drool has a very low bacterial load which allows for less use of preservatives in our creams.

End of the cycle

At the end of the extraction cycle, the snails are released back into the outdoor enclosures where they live in total freedom, fed with vegetables grown following an organic protocol.

The power of snail slime

Innovation Quality Competence written in our DNA


Research and innovation are our goals. The extraction process we use allows us to obtain an "innovative" microfiltered slime because it is qualitatively superior to those on the market so far.


The quality that distinguishes our products is the result of the rigorous protocols followed starting from the breeding of the snails, to their harvesting and finally to the extraction method. All done with passion and love for this job.


The skills acquired over the years have allowed our laboratories to constantly search for innovative formulas with increasingly high-performance natural raw materials, attentive to women's skin and strictly organic.

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