Le Chioccioline® Snail Slime

There snail slime it is the secretion that the snail naturally produces and releases as it passes. It contains an infinite number of substances useful for our skin and for this reason it has been used in cosmetics for centuries. In snail slime we find:

MUCOPOLYSACCHARIDES: Contained in very high percentages, they perform an essential function for the skin in retaining water, thus guaranteeing intense and prolonged hydrating effectiveness.

ALLANTOIN: Counteracts free radicals and stimulates tissue regeneration, promotes epidermal turnover and promotes the proliferation of keratinocytes (replacing dead cells with new cells). Speeds up the healing of small skin lesions and minor burns.

COLLAGEN: essential constituent of the skin, has hydrating and softening functions. Thanks to its elastic properties it makes the skin soft and toned.

GLYCOLIC ACID: It exerts an exfoliating action on the most superficial layers of the epidermis and stimulates the formation of collagen directly in the dermis, making the skin brighter.

ELASTIN: it is a nourishing enzyme that makes the skin elastic. It plays an essential role in restoring tone to mature skin or those recovering from pregnancy or weight loss.

VITAMINS, ESSENTIAL AMINO ACIDS AND PROTEINS: they promote peripheral vascularization by oxygenating the skin and guaranteeing nourishment and hydration to the skin. Vitamins perform antioxidant activity.

There snail slime is subjected to a freeze-drying process which guarantees the elimination of the aqueous part of the slime and above all eliminates any heavy metals contained in it from the 100%, without however altering the composition of the active ingredient, which indeed, being more concentrated, guarantees greater effectiveness in terms of yield of the products themselves. This technique allows you to break down the natural bacterial load contained in the snail slime and to limit the use of preservatives to a minimum.

The extraction of snail slime takes place from adult animals, it is a patented system that exploits the action of steam combined with ozone and biological phytoextracts. The snails subjected to extraction do not suffer any mistreatment and are reintroduced into the enclosures immediately after the secretion has been collected. An integral and essential part of the extraction process is ozone, a natural gas that allows the animal to be treated and sanitized to prepare it for natural drooling. The sanitization of the slime is guaranteed by microbiological tests, which verify the absence of pathogenic bacteria and the purity of the extracts. The result is a pure product at 98.8% and of a very high quality level.

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