Sunflower Gift Box – Eye Contour Kit 30 ml + Face Cream 50 ml


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GIFT BOX FOR WOMEN: Give the gift of beauty with this gift kit for women and men. Contains 1 anti-wrinkle FACIAL CREAM 80% snail slime 50 ml + 1 EYE CONTOUR CREAM WITH snail slime, JOJOBA OIL and VEGETABLE BUTTERS packaged in a pretty cardboard box.

Face cream based on snail slime

GIVE A COMPLETE FACIAL TREATMENT - the anti-wrinkle face cream 80% pure snail slime at 100% slows down the aging process of the skin and tissues, neck, face, breast and eye contour, anti-wrinkle treatment, nighttime and beauty moisturizer, skin care, purifying for acne pimples impure skin skin blemishes scars redness rosacea, psoriasis, dermatitis nourishing exfoliating Hyaluronic acid lifting effect for men and women.

Eye contour based on snail slime

BROAD SPECTRUM TREATMENT – The eye contour cream based on snail slime corrects small skin imperfections (bags, dryness and tiredness of the face). Prevents premature aging with antioxidant active ingredients developed in the best Made-in-Italy research laboratories. Effective against dark circles, it activates the microcirculation of the eye contour area.

Dynamized snail slime

✅EXCLUSIVE DYNAMIZED SNAIL SLUM – pure snail slime is subjected to a macromolecule reduction process in order to facilitate its absorption by the skin as a filler for deep wrinkles. Strong Anti-Wrinkle Facial Serum

✅EXCELLENT VALUE FOR MONEY - Gift set for a complete facial treatment, packaged in a gift box at an affordable price

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