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The topics covered are generic in nature and can be modified or removed at any time. Information on cosmetics, guides and advice on procedures and dosages of cosmetic products are for illustrative purposes only.
All editorial contents of the site, in any form, do not in any way replace the professional opinion of a doctor and in any case in no case constitute the formulation of a diagnosis of any disorder. Despite the personal experiences of the authors and the careful checks of the sources, it is not possible to guarantee the absence of errors in the information provided.
We remind you that every cosmetic product must be personally tested before being considered suitable for you. If the user is looking for specific answers on medical issues, or thinks he or she suffers from a dermatological pathology, he or she is invited to contact his or her doctor or a qualified specialist in the field directly.

Le Chioccioline Cosmetics assumes no responsibility for any damage, direct or indirect, related to the use of the website.

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