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There cellulite it's a imperfection typically female (affects approximately 90% women), regardless of age and physical fitness. It manifests itself with the appearance of the so-called “orange peel skin“ especially on the hips, thighs, buttocks, abdomen and knees.

What is cellulite?

There cellulite it is a pathology that affects adipose tissue, the microcirculatory system and the skin on the surface. In the subcutaneous tissue, an imbalance in the adipose tissue occurs: the fat cells "swell", pressing on the microcirculation, causing water retention and initial inflammation.

What are the causes of cellulite?

At the origin of cellulite, there are a number of causes:

  • genetic – increased hormonal activity, capillary fragility, poor circulation;
  • hormonal – excessive estrogen activity which leads to water retention;
  • vascular – slowing of blood circulation;
  • stress – hectic life, poor night's rest, etc.
  • bad eating and behavioral habits – diet rich in fats and sugars, abuse of alcoholic substances.

What are the symptoms of cellulite?

There cellulite it presents with the so-called "orange peel skin", which can be more or less pronounced. In milder cases, the dimpling of the skin is barely visible. In the more serious ones, however, they take on considerable dimensions and are hard to the touch. Although cellulite is considered a blemish, cellulite can become a real health problem. The exaggerated growth of the adipose tissue, in fact, can compromise the lymphatic and venous circulation, cause edema, compress nerves with painful sensations.

The Treatments

How to fight cellulite? Prevention, nutrition and physical activity

The main causes of cellulite can be traced back to two main factors: the water retention and the bad circulation.

Here's why if yes wants to prevent cellulite or put a stop to it, we need to adopt strategies that combat these two causes.

Correct lifestyle

The fight against cellulite It passes above all through changing one's lifestyle. Improper diet, sedentary lifestyle, being overweight are all factors that contribute to the onset of cellulite and which must be kept under control to prevent or treat it.

A lifestyle that helps prevent cellulite must therefore provide:

  • a healthy, regular and balanced diet, which includes a correct intake of fruit and vegetables and the limitation of salt and all foods that can cause water retention;
  • limit overweight, through a diet low in fat and sugar;
  • practice constant and regular physical activity (not necessarily intense), which helps on the one hand to improve circulation and on the other to reduce the accumulation of fat and accelerate the metabolism;
  • drink lots of water during the day, to help eliminate liquids;
  • avoid the abuse of smoking, alcohol, coffee which increase water retention and worsen circulation;
  • avoid clothing that is too tight as it can limit circulation, as well as maintaining incorrect positions such as crossed legs for too long.

Anti-cellulite creams and supplements

The anti-cellulite creams thanks to their active ingredients, they help to reduce blemishes, making the skin smoother and more toned. The Le Chioccioline® brand products based on Snail Slime do not contain active ingredients that risk damaging the health of our customers. We have eliminated any ingredient based on synthetic substances, petrolatum, silicones, parabens and surfactants. In our anti-cellulite cream you will find thecollagen, glycolic acidallantoinhop extract and the Caffeine. Are you wondering why Caffeine?

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