In addition to the traditional production activity, this year the company has joined the educational-training area proposing routes dedicated to children of the nursery and primary school. Our teaching activity has obtained recognition through accreditation to the circuit of Educational Farms of the Tuscany Region.


-to develop interest in the living conditions of animals, in particular in the world of snail and its life cycle

-to develop the child’s ability to observe and identify the characteristics and properties of what is observed, stimulating the morphological knowledge of the snail and the interpretation of animal language

– to experiment with the ways in which it is possible to interact with living beings of the animal world overcoming possible fears or obstacles, urging attitudes of respect for living beings

– Being able to overcome resistance to manipulation and participation in various experiences

-to know how to represent a living being in its parts and in its unity

-to realize collective placards with drawings that summarize the characteristics of the animals observed

-to stimulate the spontaneous exchange of observations

– to increase the importance of environmental issues (biological cycle of breeding, sustainable use of waste processing, …)



-The proposed workshops are designed to favor both individual experience and work in small groups and are adaptable according to age (3-6 years / 7-11 years) -It is given space both to individual questions and to group discussions -It is foreseen the use of predisposed cards, manipulation games, graphic-pictorial activities


  1. A) HOSPITALITY: It is possible to welcome up to a maximum of 25 children (as well as accompanying persons) for the guided tour of the farm. Visits are possible, approximately, from 9.30 to 12.30 in the months of: September, October, April, May, June, July (winter suspension due to hibernation of the snail). The contact person of the activities in educational farm is the owner of the farm that has obtained the certificate of farm operator
  2. B) RESERVATION: The visits to the company must be booked at least a week before using the appropriate form that will be sent on request. The same, completed in its parts, must be returned by fax to n. 050-744242 or by e-mail to: info@lechioccioline.it. At the time of booking must be paid a deposit equal to 30% of the total amount. For clarification, contact the n. 347-8270759
  3. C) COSTS: the cost per child per visit is € 5.00. The escorts, up to a number of 2, do not pay
  4. D) WEATHER: in case of bad weather, such as to make the routes uninhabitable, it is possible to agree on the postponement to another date
  5. E) TRIP: the organization and the cost of the trip is at the expense of the guests. The company declines all responsibility for any delays caused by the transport company.
  6. F) EQUIPMENT: we recommend clothing suitable for the summer season and a hat with a visor. Given the impossibility for the company to administer food, it is also suggested to bring children a small snack.


Azienda Agricola Le Chioccioline

Via Sant’Angela Merici, snc

56021 San Lorenzo a Pagnatico –Cascina- (PI)