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A soft and perfumed body moisturizing cream is the right conclusion of the beauty and relaxation routine to be reserved for the evening, at the end of a long busy day, or in the morning, to start our daily activities with the right energy.

Feeling our favorite fragrance on is extremely comfortable and often manages to make our sensory immersion something wonderful and satisfying, like our Le Chioccioline Body Moisturizing Cream.

The use of a moisturizer is highly recommended for everyone, because it allows us to take care of our skin, giving it softness and nutrition at the same time. It is a comfortable routine, because it combines the action of nourishing the skin and maintaining the hydro-lipid balance with an extremely relaxing massage.

Shoulders, neck and back are the most delicate points of our body, and unfortunately also the most difficult to reach, and they particularly benefit from both the massage and the cell renewal action, as well as all the dry areas of our epidermis, such as elbows and knees .

Le Chioccioline Body Moisturizing Cream meets all your skin's needs!

crema corpo idratante le chioccioline
crema corpo gravidanza le chioccioline

Pregnancy, in addition to being the beginning of a new chapter of life, is also a very delicate moment for the woman's body which, within a few months, undergoes profound changes. During pregnancy, the epidermis can become more sensitive and the products that have always been used can no longer work well, also causing a skin reaction. Dermatologists therefore recommend opting for specific lines for sensitive skin.

Creams to be used during pregnancy must satisfy the skin's thirst for well-being since the objectives are often: to tone, firm, nourish and enhance elasticity.

During pregnancy many areas of a woman's body are subject to dilation, for example the breasts and belly, which thins the skin causing it to lose firmness. Frequently there is itching and a feeling of dryness of the epidermis.


For these reasons, reading the labels helps us choose the most suitable products. Among the creams to be used during pregnancy, those that have nourishing and elasticising properties are recommended, such as:

- SnailSlime

- Shea Butter

- Papaya

- Rosehip oil

Our Anti Stretch Marks Body Moisturizing Cream has all these ingredients with their important properties. Also ideal for keeping the breast elastic during pregnancy and guaranteeing excellent tone.

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