Hands & Feet Care Le Chioccioline®

The 100% natural “Le Chioccioline” cream takes care of skin problems that make it difficult to deeply hydrate the epidermis. The reason? During the day we wash the surface of the hands using products containing aggressive chemical agents, as well as added fragrances that persist on the outer layer of the epithelium. Furthermore, the cold and the violent seasonal changes risk complicating an already seriously compromised skin situation. Compared to the skin of the other somatic areas, consequently, that of the hands dries out more easily because it is often washed or frequently exposed to external agents. In addition to the above, always keep in mind that the skin lining is more compact as well as deficient in elements that promote hydration, such as example the sebaceous glands. The hand treatment, therefore, is mainly composed of water or vegetable fats (such as Shea Butter) in order to revitalize an area of the body unfortunately relegated to the background.

Crema Mani&Piedi le chioccioline


Crema Mani Le Chioccioline

We at Le Chioccioline know how important it is to guarantee concrete benefits in the shortest possible time: using the botanical excellence of our beloved land, we transform the vivid Tuscan nature into cosmetic proposals suitable for men and women of all ages. When the first autumn chills make it difficult to soften chapped skin, the Made-in-Italy mix of green ingredients can solve skin problems without leaving your hands greasy. In addition, the vegetable shea butter - extracted from the "tree of youth” – has emollient, nourishing and regenerating properties that are perfect for minimizing the unpleasant aesthetic effect of dermatitis or dry skin.

Feet care

Even if we're at home, the summer is just around the corner and taking care of your feet and preparing them for the summer is the first step towards feeling better and taking care of yourself. So where to start? Here are some beauty tips to get your feet back on track “step by step”.

Let's not forget, however, that our feet support us all day long and their care is essential. A very important step for an impeccable pedicure is that of foot cream: you don't have to put it only in the summer!

Feet cream is essential all year round to prevent the skin from becoming dry and thick and to ensure that this important part of the body is pampered daily.

When the skin of the feet is irritated by rubbing, the Hands & Feet cream by Le Chioccioline cosmetics is the effective solution thanks to the snail slime and Shea butter. Essential ingredients to rebuild damaged skin and make it soft and delicate.

When the skin is particularly dry and cracked, we recommend applying a nourishing cream regularly, massaging the feet for a relaxing effect, preferably in the evening:

  • Apply Le Chioccioline Hands & Feet cream from the sole of the foot to the toes;
  • Massage decisively in a circular direction, insisting on areas where the skin is drier and more cracked, such as the heels;
  • Continue the application until completely absorbed, massaging gently up to the ankles.

Your feet will thank you and you will benefit from the treatment and care you give them!

Crema Mani&Piedi le chioccioline
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