Snail Slime “Pura” Le Chioccioline®

  • ✅ BOOSTER EFFECTIVENESS - Concentrated face serum of pure 100% organic snail slime, without allergens. With practical sprayer for easy application. Effective for repairing the skin, correcting blemishes such as acne, impure skin, oily skin, sebum normalizing, moisturizing, anti-stain, soothing, purifying, anti-wrinkle, tensor effect.
  • ✅ CONCENTRATE OF ACTIVE PRINCIPLES - contained in snail slime - GLYCOLIC ACID: Lightly exfoliating, it eliminates dead cells and promotes epithelial turnover making the skin brighter; COLLAGEN: moisturizing and elasticising action; ALLANTOIN: fights free radicals; MUCOPOLYSACCHARIDES: retain water ensuring effective hydration; VITAMINS, ESSENTIAL AMINO ACIDS, PROTEINS: they promote peripheral vascularization by oxygenating the skin.
  • ✅ SUITABLE FOR ALL SKIN TYPES Pure Snail Slime is suitable for all skin types, women, men, mixed, oily, dry and sensitive. Non-greasy, easily absorbed, can be used as an eye contour. Does not contain Petrolatum, Silicones, Parabens, Nickel.
  • ✅ CRUELTY FREE - the face snail slime is extracted through a pleasant stimulation for the snail based on ozone and organic phytoextracts; it is a patented method that does not harm the animal and keeps the organoleptic qualities of the secretion unchanged.! try the repairing power of the 100% organic snail now!
  • ✅ SUPERIOR QUALITY MADE IN ITALY Pure snail secretion extracted from organic farming outdoors in the Tuscan countryside, far from sources of pollution, respecting the life cycle of snails. Snails feed on 100% organically grown vegetables and live outdoors in complete freedom, giving us a VERY HIGH QUALITY SECRET.
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