Snail Slime Eye Contour

✅ WIDE-SPECTRUM TREATMENT - The snail slime-based eye contour cream corrects small skin imperfections (bags, dryness and tiredness of the face). Prevents premature aging with antioxidant active ingredients developed in the best Made-in-Italy research laboratories. Effective against dark circles, it activates the microcirculation of the eye contour area.

✅ NATURAL ACTIVE INGREDIENTS - This Bio serum is the result of a perfectly balanced mix between liquid waxes (such as Jojoba Oil) and vegetable butters that restore the skin's defensive function, giving a soft and smooth appearance. The “Le Chioccioline” cream against dark circles takes care of consumers through emollient treatments that do not contain any traces of petrolatum, silicones, nickel and parabens.

✅ MADE-IN-ITALY QUALITY - The "Le Chioccioline" anti-wrinkle cream is a skin mask with which to reduce the signs of tiredness, fight swelling, bags and redness and brighten the eyes. Apply the treatment before make-up to reinvigorate the base of the epidermis with a highlighter, plump up the subcutaneous adipose tissue and provide collagen and elastic fibres.

✅ EFFECTIVE ON ALL SKIN TYPES - The anti-wrinkle eye contour cream is perfect for enhancing dry, oily, combination or sensitive skin to seasonal changes: ideal for both women and men of all ages, the invigorating treatment is dermatologically tested and it brings benefits with rapid absorption.

✅ EASY TO USE - Simply cleanse your face with a quality cleansing milk, dry your skin with a soft towel and apply the eye contour product for bags, wrinkles and dark circles by tapping gently with your fingertips (both in the morning and in the evening). Massage the pre-orbital area until the Bio serum is completely absorbed for an enviable result.

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