Snail slime Hands & Feet Cream Le Chioccioline®

✅ CONCENTRATE OF NATURAL ACTIVE INGREDIENTS - This moisturizing Hand Cream is the result of a 100% Bio synergy derived from Snail Slime, Shea Butter and Rosehip which promotes the regeneration of damaged tissues. The hand cream for men and women guarantees a barrier effect, improves the elasticity and softness of the epidermis. Natural anti-stain hands. It does not contain parabens, dyes and chemical surfactants (SLS).

✅ EXCLUSIVE BROAD-SPECTRUM ADVANTAGES - The Bio Intensive Repairing Hand Cream performs a depigmenting action thanks to the Glycolic Acid naturally contained in Snail Slime. It acts on the phenomenon of hyperpigmentation and skin dyschromia that takes over over time! The Papain and the Vitamins contained in the snail slime deeply moisturize and protect the skin even in the case of dermatitis and dryness resulting from psoriasis.

✅ MADE-IN-ITALY QUALITY - The extraction of snail slime takes place in controlled and CRUELTY-FREE environments located in the green heart of Tuscany. The result is guaranteed by a natural and 100% organic hand cream.

✅ TESTED PRODUCT - The "Le Chioccioline" anti-aging hand cream is suitable for all skin types, for men and women of all ages. The result guarantees a strengthening of the stratum corneum (the outer layer of the epidermis, in contact with the stimulations) in view of the first colds or frequent washings to which the skin is subjected.

✅ EASY TO APPLY FOR FULL ABSORPTION - The quality ingredients selected in the hand cream are recognized and absorbed by the skin in seconds. Apply the Bio Hand Cream in small dabs and massage delicately with circular movements on the areas of the epidermis that are chapped and prone to painful cuts/gaps. Vegetable fats create a surface film that protects the skin from external aggressions.

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